The purple lioness' den

About the Mirr



I'm Mirri or simply "the Mirr" I started drawing when I found my first pencil and a stack of endless paper. Since then, drawing has been my passion and the most important part of my life.

My motives were mostly horses and dinosaurs. When I got my first Micky Mouse comic I started to draw comics myself but never really finished anything. Years later I bought my first X-Men comic and started to draw humans.

In elementary school I meet Nicole. She loved to draw too and so we spent many weekends, sitting together and drawing millions of sketches. One day we decided to draw a comic together. We called it "The lost past". Silly title, I know, but we were young XD Nicole designed the heroes so my part was to create the villains. Our drawings were horrible but we had a lot of fun and it was a great time!

After elementary school Nicole moved away and we lost contact. We only finished 1 1/2 parts of our series, which made me very sad. So I decided to keep the story and the characters so they won't be forgotten. The plot and the character designs changed during the years and so did the title. It's now known as "Samusa" which is Japanese for "cold". But after all these changes it's still our project and I'll never forget the years we worked on it.

2002 I found the The Lion King Fan-Art Archiv. I was impressed by all the awesome pictures there and instantly joined. When I joined the archive I started to learn how to color my linearts with Paint Shop Pro and with my first tablet (which I didn't want to use for a long time because I simply couldn't work with it XP)

So that's a little story about how it all began....